Donate to the campaign

We have established a series of policies regarding personnel and corporate donations that affect your ability to make a donation to the campaign to elect Kerry Morris for Mayor. These policies are:

  1. No single donation may exceed $1,200.00 in value.
  2. The aggregated value of all multiple donations made by any one person must not exceed $1,200.00 in total.
  3. Any donation amounts made in excess of the limit set out above will be returned to the donor as soon as the excess is discovered.
  4. In the event a corporate or union donation is received, these monies will be returned in total. Corporate and union donations are now illegal under the law.
  5. I, Kerry Morris, hereby notify any and all donors, if you should make a donation to my campaign of greater than $250.00, I will recuse myself from voting on any matter which comes to council chambers specifically relating to you. While this position is not a legal requirement, for me it is a moral requirement.
  6. Any funds received by the campaign which are in excess of the amount spent on the campaign under the rules, will be donated in accordance to the law.
  7. Donations may be delivered by personal cheque or cash  to:
    Campaign to Elect Kerry Morris Mayor
    784 East 15th Street, North Vancouver, BC, V7L 2S4 (778) 847.1249 Email: [email protected]
  8. Donations may also be made online using PayPal or etransfer to [email protected], by following the on-line donation procedures below.
  9. Donors must be provided with a receipt at time of donation to ensure transparency of the record keeping process.  Anonymous donations are not allowed under the law and any anonymous funds must and will be paid by the Campaign to Elections BC.
  10. The names of all donors and the value of any donation will be disclosed publicly in accordance with applicable Election Act legislation.

We are also seeking and accepting campaign support in the form of organization help to; GET OUT THE MESSAGE “For A Better Tomorrow”, and

We want to encourage everyone, both advocates and opponents;


Democracy is not just a right, it is a responsibility.
People the world over are giving their lives for what
we in North Vancouver seem to take for granted.
Democratic Rights Compel Responsibility. Vote in 2018

Thank you in advance for your support.