I think it is fair to say that I was a tough business person. In the last 10 years I have come to view some of those traits in a different light, in a less desirable light, and I have felt a need to give back to, or ‘Pay-It-Forward’ in what I have often referred to in private as ‘Karma Repair’. In pursuing this goal, I have taken what I learned in business and the courts and attempted to turn that knowledge for the good of others by providing legal advice and help for and to businesses and individuals who have fallen on hard times.

I represent injured workers against WorkSafeBC who have been denied benefits or who have been under-compensated. The most recent decision saw a worker granted a full pension estimated at $480k plus annualized increases.

I have represented numerous persons against insurance companies that have failed to pay valid claims. In the most recent matter an elderly woman’s home was wrecked by a fire in her building and the restoration company, in concert with her underwriter, abused her. We sued both and she was paid compensation through three separate processes until made whole. One action remains and won’t be determined until her home is fully repaired so that action lays dormant pending a determination on the magnitude of the loss.

In another matter I fought the Sechelt Indian Band for raising lease rents from approximately $6.3K annually to $23.6K annually on 13 days notice. The matter went all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada where the issues at bar were resolved by the Roger Williams decision. The 19 families affected were retroactively credited with their respective overpayments and life went forward under a normal rate increase process consistent with provincial legislation.

I have represented people in criminal matters where the issues were not deserving of the charges levelled by the police. I have won everyone of these cases.

I have represented tenants in eviction matters where landlords and developers have sought to evict persons because their long standing occupancy has left a disparity between the rent market today versus what they pay.

Over the course of these last 6 years I have represented more than 100 people and issues in civil, criminal and human rights court processes. Each matter to date has yielded large settlements and successful outcomes. I have never taken money or compensation of any form for my donation of time and legal support.

I have also simply helped out those in need when I was able to, be it with money or physical activity. It’s my hope that all of the people I have helped will in turn help someone else in need when they are able, making our world a slightly better and more companionate place.