North Shore Mayooral candidates have their say on transportation, affordability with Global News

North Shore mayoral candidates have their say on transportation, affordability

Here are Kerry’s answers to their questions:

One of the main issues facing residents of the North Shore is transportation, many face traffic gridlock on a daily basis, how are you going to improve this situation?

Our transportation woes are the result of a failure to invest in our infrastructure and the fact we have driven people out of affordable housing and they are now required to commute clogging our transportation arteries.  I will seek to repair the damage through a series of strategic roadway modifications which are all actionable within 12 – 24 months and will have a profound impact on lessening congestion within our community.  I will also support strategic initiatives (at-grade rail between the Seabus and Horseshoe Bay) and longer term investments such as a third crossing and ALRT to the North Shore.

The North Shore is known as one of the most expensive places to live in Canada, making it difficult for businesses to attract employees, what is your plan to make it more affordable on the North Shore?

Each new development has resulted in the destruction of existing affordable housing that has long been home to 52% of our population.  Our new found love of the development community, while ignoring long-term residents, has resulted in many people being forced from their homes and community. I will seek to pass by-laws compelling every developer provide housing options at equal or lesser rents for displaced tenants who become casualties of redevelopment. I’ll pursue a Whistler Housing Authority model designed to stimulate development of social and co-op style housing which will not be subject to market appreciation but simply equity accumulation.

How do you balance the demand for residential growth, and the lack of infrastructure?

We must slow future development applications until we have put in place the infrastructure necessary to support the additional population.  It’s important to remember that North Vancouver City has already approved construction of structures that will result, within 24-48 months, achievement of our 2050 target population.  If we do nothing more to expand our population, we will still be 30 years ahead of our target by 2020, and on that basis alone, the City of North Vancouver has done more than its fair share of contribution to the Lower Mainland’s housing needs.  It’s time for others to step up.

What issue – not covered above – are you hoping to address in your community?

Developer industry influence in our local politics and the day-to-day operations of our local community, has caused many of our residents to lose faith in the impartial adjudication of development decisions throughout all aspects of our community’s administration.  It is a fundamental component of my platform that we shall return to open, honest, accountable and respectful governance of our community. It is my goal that all people will have the opportunity to address council and get answers they seek to the questions they ask.  It is my hope to return our local government to the people.