North Vancouver City council has approved $23 Million Dollars for bike lanes and bike related infrastructure. That’s big bucks for our little City of 54,000 people.  As noted in the recently released INSTPP Report, current land use is mostly car oriented and that alternative modes of transit cannot compete with car traffic which exceeds road capacity at many times of the day.

INSTPP Report Integrated North Shore Transportation Planning Project

If we are to continue to use our valuable resources for these bicycle related investments, then we need to do three things.

  1. Insist that bicycle operators use that infrastructure where in place and not the roadway as if a car, slowing car movement, and
  1. Insist that bicycles follow the rules of the road by respecting and stopping at all stop signs and lights, signalling and generally complying with the laws governing use of roads, and
  1. By licensing and insuring bicycles, especially e-bikes so that when they strike, injure or kill a pedestrian or do damage to another vehicle, there is a policy of insurance for the injured person to call upon to make that person or their family whole, to the extent that is possible.

Everyone that uses our public roadways should follow the rules and have the necessary third-party liability insurance in place to deal with any eventuality.

Here are the Key Access and Mobility Challenges from the INSTPP Report just released through Bowinn Ma’s office. Great work Bowinn, there’s valuable information here